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  • What is Chin’s Qi Tuina ?

    How Chin’s Qi Tuina Works. Practitioners of Chin’s Qi Tuina use their Qi to direct and “lead” the patients’ Qi to flow and circulate properly in their bodies, to unblock any blockages they may have in their Qi meridians, organs, Muscle Painss, bones, tendons, ligaments and nervous system. We create a sustainable healing condition within the patients’ own ecosystem.

    We do not give or transfer Qi as Qi that is transferred this way will be dissipated within 24 hours and good effects are only temporarily felt.

    Chin’s Qi Tuina is pain-less and indeed in many cases totally painless, non-invasive and holistic. Healings achieved are long term.

  • How’s your treatment charges?

    We were running an honour system for payment since the beginning, where we leave it to the patients to decide how much to pay us, since February 2016.

    However, expenses for electricity, water, and generally, has been rising, and this has necessitate us to charge patients for treatment. The poor can still come and get free treatment, but everyone else will pay for the treatment. The honour system has been exploited by a few well-to-do patients in the past, and we found ourselves struggling to make ends meet.

    So from August 1st 2017, we are now charging reasonably for every case that comes before us.

  • If Qi for me? Or any references?

    We have many references sent to us after treatment from existing patients on whatsapp, and can be shared with all new patients on the whatsapp Qi Tuina group.

  • Testimonials
    • Kiru – Treasurer of the Multiple Sclerosis Society“Good morning. My back pain gone after 2 sessions.Left shoulder and hand 80% better and left knee about 50%.
    • Annie Lim,”Finally I can sleep well. Thank you very much KO & Wei Sheng for easing our pain!”
      Annie Lim
    • Chuang Lian Mok, Immediate Past President of Women’s Aid Organization “Thank u KO. My stiff neck felt much better now!”
      Chuang Lian Mok
    • Pat Lu TTDI Internet Professional,”Thanks a million KO & Wei Sheng. My shoulder blade feels much better now!”
      Pat Lu TTDI
    • Ahmad Tarmizi,”Hi KO Chin, just reached home. Thank you for allowing me and son in law for your treatment and special thanks to your son. Grateful for all your expertise!…
      Ahmad Tarmizi
    • Nafiz Abdul Rahman,”Thank you, KO, for helping to heal my joints … along with your family’s hospitality!”
      Nafiz Abdul Rahman
    • Dato’ Pardip Kumar Kukreja,”KO, just wanted u and others attending your session to know that my knees feel 70% better. I was at the verge of surgery for knee replacement.…
      Dato’ Pardip Kumar Kukreja
    • Azlan Abdullah,”Thanks KO and Wei Sheng. My headache is gone now!”
      Azlan Abdullah
    • Ms. Chow,”Thank you for your treatment. Knees feeling much better!“
      Ms. Chow
    • Robert Lim, Senior IT Professional, “Master Chin treated the back of my left knee and lower back. Been having this niggling pain on the knee for months. Unable to exert…
      Robert Lim, Senior IT Professional