Mr. Chin Kin Onn – Founder of Wu Zu Qi Tui Na

I was introduced to the traditional Chinese martial arts when I was just 10 years old and have been practicing South Shaolin Wu Zu Quan (Five Ancestors Fist) since 1969. I was privileged to receive training under Datuk Chee Kim Thong, who represented the Five Ancestors Fist and was a Shaolin martial arts grandmaster.

Wu Zu Five Ancestors fist combines the efficacy of five different martial art styles including Bodhidharma Qi Gong, Lohan Stances, Taizu Quan,White Crane and Monkey. Although these techniques are used in martial arts fighting, I have adapted them to provide effective treatment to patients suffering from chronic diseases. Patients come from all walks of life, from Malays, Indians, Chinese, British, Norwegian, Venezuelan, Indonesian, Bruneian, German, Scottish, Hong Kongers, Americans, Australians, Japanese, Korean, to Datuks, Datins, Tan Sris and PuanSris and a TohPuan, to doctors and nurses, as well, all of whom have been healed to varying degrees to enjoy a better quality of life, compared to before their treatment.

I strongly believe that no massage treatment from androids, robots or massage chairs can do what a Qi Tuina practitioner is capable of doing. It’s because living organisms have Qi. They can use their own Qi to direct and regulate the flow of Qi energy in the body of patients.Therefore, Wu Zu Qi Tuinais the most effective treatment for various painful conditions.If 45% of jobs in the world today will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, the career of a Qi Tui Na practitioner can never be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, as robots and androids do not have Qi.

My version of Wu Zu comprises 3 parts hard training, and 4 parts soft training. The soft training emphasizes on Qi and Yi (how to direct Qi) training. These treatments can effectively heal many painful conditions and help patients recover from medical conditions.

The reason why I started this treatment was to help people in pain to get rid of their pain. It improves their overall health and enhances their quality of life. Learning of theentire Qi treatment course spans over 2 years and our patientssay that Wu Zuhas helped them more than any physiotherapist, chiropractor or Tit Tar, and some doctors and specialists ever could.

Aside from treating the patients, I also arrange training sessions for students. I have developed a valuable methodology and I want to transfer this techniqueto the future generation. Whether, you want to cure your long-term ailments or want to learn the methodology, come and join me at our holistic center!

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