How to Get Rid of Joint Pain

Joints support your bones and aid your body to move with ease. Any injuryto these joints or a disease of adjacent tissues can cause pain in your joints. It leads to a severe pain and makes it difficult for the person in question to engage in any physical activity.

Symptoms of Joint Pain

The following signs and symptoms indicate joint pain:

  • Swelling of joint
  • Inflammation
  • Joint redness
  • Joint tenderness
  • Joint warmth and soreness
  • Slight limping due to pain
  • Mild to severe pain in the joint movement
  • Locking of joints
  • Stiffness in the lower back

Causes of joint Pain

Limb pain can arise due to a number of reasons. Older people usually get joint pain due to arthritis. It targets adults above 40 years of age.

Other causes of joint pain include:

  • Joint Injury – Joint pain usually occurs due to any injury or trauma to your shoulders, hip, knee or other joints
  • Poor Posture – Poor posturecancontribute to mild joint pain
  • Infection – If harmful bacteria get into your joints, they can cause severe pain and also damage your bones
  • Sedentary Lifestyle – If you don’t indulge in physical activities, you’re likely to feel joint pain
  • Repetitive Movement – Athletes sometimes get joint pain after long runs
  • Wrong Footwear – Wear comfortable footwear to prevent joint pain
  • Gout – The buildup of uric acid leads to joint pain and inflammation

Treatment of Joint Pain

You should improve your lifestyle to get rid of joint pain. If pain doesn’t subside, get in touch with your doctor and they will suggest appropriate treatment solution. You can take painkillers to reduce pain or go for a knee replacement surgery.

However, Chin’s Qi Tui Na massage can provide you relief from arthritis and other forms of joint pain for good. It saves you from the painful procedure of knee replacement surgery. It combines the efficacy of massage with Qi to treat the problem.

All in all, joint pain can make life difficult for anyone. It can arise due to different reasons. You should take immediate actions to control the pain, or else it may hinder joint movement and reduce mobility.

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