Qi Tui Na Massage: How to Effectively Treat Muscle Atrophy

Have you lost the muscle mass of one of your arms or legs and it appears smaller than your other limb? You may be experiencing muscle atrophy.

In muscle atrophy, muscles waste away due to the lack of movement. It can arise as a result of any injury or disease that makes it difficult for you to move an arm or leg. You need to get in touch with your doctor at the earliest so they can diagnose and treat the problem.


It’s possible to diagnose muscle atrophy with the help of a number of symptoms including:

  • Weakness of limbs
  • One arm or leg appears significantly thinner than the other
  • Pain in movement
  • Stooped posture
  • Muscle cramps
  • Trouble standing or walking around


Muscle atrophy is sometimes associated with the aging factor. However, you may also end up losing your muscle mass if you don’t engage in physical activities for extended periods of time.

Alcohol addicts are also likely to experience this problem at some point in life. It’s because excessive alcohol consumption affects their health and weakens the muscles.

Malnutrition is another common cause of muscle atrophy. If your body doesn’t get sufficient nutrients, you may experience the symptoms of muscle atrophy down the road.

Multiple system atrophy is a terminal auto-immune disease that may also lead to muscle atrophy.


It’s best to stay active to keep muscle atrophy at bay. However, if you’re already experiencing this disease, you can get rid of its symptoms with the help of appropriate medications. Your doctor may suggest nutritional supplements to help you regain your health.

Tui Na massage is another effective, long-term treatment for the muscle loss. It treats the problem by improving the flow of Qi energy in your body. This way, you can get rid of the problem without any surgical treatment.

To be precise, muscle atrophy is a health condition that can be treated by improving your lifestyle. So, consult your doctor at the earliest to get rid of the problem before it leads to a heart failure or other serious issues.

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