How Qi Tui Na Massage Can Treat the Symptoms of Inflammatory Rheumatism

Having inflammation and a tingling pain in your joints or muscles? You may be experiencing the symptoms of a rheumatic disease.

Rheumatismbasically refers to the autoimmune diseases that affect the health of your joints and muscles. It includes medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis,gout, scleroderma, tendinitis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and bursitis.

These medical conditions can arise due to a variety of reasons.

If you’re overweight, you may get pain and inflammation in your knee joints. If you don’t indulge in physical exercise or overstress your muscles with repetitive movement, you may also come across its symptoms. Furthermore, autoimmune disorders also increase the risk of rheumatic diseases.

Symptoms of Rheumatism

Although the symptoms of rheumatic diseases vary, here are some common symptoms that may indicate you need to consult a rheumatologist:

  • Pain in joints, surrounding tissues, and muscles
  • Inflammation in the affected joints
  • Tenderness and swelling of joints
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble moving the joint due to weakness
  • Deformity of the affected joint

Treatment of Rheumatism

In order to cure rheumatism, it’s critical to diagnose the health issue first. You need to visit your doctor for this purpose and they willperform a complete health checkup and different medical tests to diagnose the rheumatic disorder.

Qi Tui Na Massage

As per the Chinese belief, Qi is the life force that maintains your overall health. If its flow is blocked due to any reason, you may experience various health issues including rheumatism. Therefore, Qi Tui Na massage focuses on improving Qi flow so that you can regain your health and keep the inflammation and pain of joints or muscles at bay.

Chin’s Qi Tui Na technique also involves Qi circulation and acupressure to maximize the impacts of the treatment.

Although rheumaticdiseases are quite painful, you can effectively get rid of them with the help of Qi Tui Na treatment. So, visit a holistic center today to cure pain, improve your health and strengthen your joints and muscles.

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