How to Treat Sciatica Pain

Extreme pain in your lower back or one of your legs may indicate a problem with the sciatic nerve. It‘s the largest nerve in your body that runs down your lower back to the back of each leg. External pressure can pinch the nerve, leading to an immense pain.

Sciatica pain isn‘t a problem itself, rather it indicates an underlying problem including degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc. Sometimes, spinal stenosis may give rise to sciatic pain as well.

Here are some symptoms through which you can diagnose the problem:

  • Lower back pain
  • Burning sensation or inflammation in a leg
  • Weakness or numbness of a leg
  • Constant pain in one leg
  • Sharp pain particularly in the sitting position
  • Difficulty moving the affected leg
  • Pain radiating to the foot and toes

How to Cure Sciatica Pain

You can get rid of sciatica pain for good by treating the underlying health issues. Visit your doctor for the diagnosis and the treatment of these medical conditions.

Due to this excruciating pain, you may find it difficult to move around. But bed rest will only worsen the problem. So, opt for light exercises that rotate the hip to relieve pain.

You can get rid of sciatica pain with the help of a surgery. But 90% patients regain their health without going for a surgery. Your doctor may suggest you medications and exercisesto treat the problem.

Qi Tui Na treatment can effectively cure this problem once and for all. The affected sciatic nerve can be soothed and returned to its original position thereby releasing it from either the painful clutches of your vertebrae (spine) or hip joint.

Chin’s Qi Tui Na massage can address the underlying causes of lower back pain and relieve the sciatica nerve to prevent severe pain. It’s aneffective method that can treatsciatica pain with immediate relief, with healing completely from 2 to 4 sessions.

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