How to Effectively Cure Stomach Wind

Stomach wind is a common medical condition in which pressure builds up in your stomach and leads to discomfort, flatulence or stomach ache. Excessive flatulence can indicate some serious underlying stomach problems that should be addressed without a delay.

These built-up gases are usually odorless, which is why they often go unnoticed. However, excessive farting can embarrass you in public.

Here are some symptoms through which you can diagnose the problem:

  • Nausea
  • Burping
  • Pain that constantly moves around the body
  • Stomach cramps

Causes of Stomach Wind

When you consume food or even swallow saliva, you also swallow a small amount of air with it. Most of this air is released through burps, but some of it can get trapped in your stomach or large intestine.

Food that can’t be digested is stored in your large intestine. Bacteria in your body work to break it down. This process can also produce gases that may cause discomfort later.

If you’ve a habit of eating too fast and don’t chew your food well enough, you’re likely to face this problem more often than others. If you want to avoid this problem in the first place, reduce the consumption of fuzzy drinks and high fat foods.

How to Treat Abdomen Wind

In order to cure the problem, you should stay away from foods that are known to cause flatulence. It includes foods that are rich in carbohydrates or contain artificial sweeteners.

Improving your lifestyle can also help you get rid of stomach wind. Exercise more on a daily basis to improve the functions of your digestive system. If you smoke or drink, it’s best to give up on these harmful habits.

Qi Tui Na is another effective treatment. It regulates the flow of Qi so as to treat the digestive problems and improve your overall health.

To be precise, wind can be trapped in your stomach or abdomen due to many reasons. By staying active and opting for Chin’s Qi Tui Na massage treatment, you can cure this health issue.

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