We arrange Qi Gong training classes to cure people suffering from various medical conditions including a low blood platelet count, cancer, multiple system atrophy (MSA),and severe back pain. This training aids the patients in getting rid of thechronic conditions and return to a healthy lifestyle, thus improving their quality of life. Our existing clients are happy with the positive impacts of this training on their health.






We focus on the Five Ancestors Fist that comprises the following principles:

  • Bodhidharma Qi Gong
  • Lohan Stances (which facilitates Qi flow)
  • Taizu (utilizing the Qi to develop the “heavy penetrating hand”)
  • White Crane (using Yi &Qi to “push patient’s Qi)
  • Monkey (using Qi to sense the patient’s Qi flow or a lack of it)

These are basically the styles of traditional Chinese martial arts, but we use these techniques to provide relief from pain to the patients and effectively cure chronic diseases.

Qi Gong stylerefers to the coordination of body posture with movement, breathing, and meditation. Aside from improving the overall physical health, this training can boost the mental health of the patients and also promotes spirituality.

There are different styles of Qi Gong.We combine the benefits of Lohan, Shaolin, and Wu Zu Qi Gong in our training. We believe that Qi energy flows through your body and is responsible to maintain your health.If its flow is disrupted, your health will deteriorate.

Our treatment method aims to restore the health of the patients by restoring the flow of Qi. For this purpose, the trainers use their own Qi to direct the flow of Qi energy in the patients’ body and thereby, treat many ailments.

We also train people how they can follow the basic principles of Qi Gong and Five Ancestors Fist to get rid of severe pain and various chronic diseases.

The only purpose of introducing these training sessions is to help people who are suffering from terminal and chronic diseases and can’t get relief despite taking prescribed medicines. With Qi Gong training, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your health without even going for a surgical treatment.

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